Training on Human Resource Management and Development 2nd to 13th September 2019

Event Details: Training on Human Resource Management and Development

With globalization and technological advances, today’s organizations are continuously changing. Thus, organizational change impacts not only the business but also its employees.

In order to maximize organizational effectiveness, human potentials, individuals’ capabilities, time, and talents must be managed and developed. Hence, the practice of human resource management (HRM) and Development (HRD) works to ensure that employees are able to meet the organization’s goals.

This training is designed to build participants’ awareness, knowledge, and skills of the major functions that make up a modern HR department


The objectives of the program include:

  1. To improve participants’ competences in Human Resource Management
  2. To increase their technical knowledge in essential HRM techniques so as to make them more effective in their positions
  3. To provide participants with personal skills so as to act as innovators, counselors and change agents in the field


  • Fundamentals of Human Resource Budgeting
  • Human Resource Budgeting process
  • Emerging trends and challenges in Human resource budgeting
  • Importance of human resource audit
  • Methods of HR audit
  • Audit Methodology
  • Development of HR audit report
  • Training and development concepts: differences and relationships
  • The Importance of Employee Training and Development in HRM
  • Training and development methods
  • Importance of information technology in human resource management
  • The impact of information technology on human resource management
  • The impact of information technology on HR management opportunities and challenges

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