Training Course on Project Proposal and Report Writing

Training Course on Project Proposal and Report Writing


Training on Project Proposal and Report Writing is an important concept in the project management arena. This is because without the skills the project managers cannot be in a position to request for grants from the funders/donors of a project. It is thus paramount for the project managers and other stakeholders to train on this course to be better placed when managing projects. A good proposal that addresses a real need will attract a donor. Organizations require personnel well equipped with an understanding of the proposal development process. This is a highly practical and participative training that will provide organizations with staff grounded in knowledge and skills for developing marketable project proposals.


The duration for training will be 5 days

Targeted Audience

The course targets programme officers, managers, and other humanitarian and development agencies staff whose roles involve producing proposals and reports for their organization. This will help them gain skills on how to write appropriate projects and proposals.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

· Explain the basic concepts that are applied in writing of project proposals and reports

· Introduce participants to problem identification, understanding the cause-effect, and means-ends relationships for identifying a meaningful

· Explain the important skills of writing that are required to generate quality proposals


The instructor led trainings are delivered using a blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, web-based tutorials and group work. Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professional and trainers in these fields. All facilitation and course materials will be offered in English. The participants should be reasonably proficient in English. In addition, the instructor will use group discussion, tutorials, to acquaint the trainees with the best skills.

COURSE Training Center: Datastat Training Center, Nairobi, Kenya

Start Date: 10/14/2019

End Date: 10/18/2019

Fee: Ksh 80000, $900



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TELEPHONE : +254724527104