Training course on Mapping with Geoserver, Postgres, and Open layers

Training course on Mapping with Geoserver, Postgres, and Open layers
Course Overview
OpenLayers is an open source JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers. It provides an API for building rich web-based mapping applications. GeoExt provides a suite of customizable widgetsand data handling support that makes it easy to build applications for viewing, editing, and styling geospatial data. This is ten day course will take participant through to HTML,CSS,Javasript,OpenLayers and GeoExt. Participant will learn how to create browser-based map applications and display data from a variety of sources.
Anyone interested in web mapping is encouraged to attend as it is experience of creating simple web pages.
10 days.
· Introduction to HTML, JavaScript,CSS
· install Geoserver,
· Load GIS data into Geoserver
· Serve vector, raster, and attribute data on the Internet with Geoserver
· Serve data stored in Postgres and PostGIS on the Internet
· Create a client based browser application using OpenLayers 3.0
· Create an application that allows client and server interaction with GIS data.
Module One: Document Object Model and Events
· Intro to the DOM
· What is an object
· Abstraction and Instantiation
· Objects in computer programs
· Going from HTML to the DOM
· Intro to Events
? Module Two:JavaScript and JQuery
· Intro to JavaScript
· Accessing the DOM from JavaScript
· Viewing objects in Developer tools
· Event Handlers
· Variables
· DOM manipulation example 2
· Calculations in javascript
· More DOM manipulation
· Loops in JavaScript
· Arrays in Javascript
· Objects and JSON
Module Three: Bringing Data into Geoserver and Displaying the Results
· Adding, Styling, and Displaying Shapefiles
· Adding, Styling, and Displaying Data from Postgres
Module Four: Processing Client Requests on the Server
· Displaying Postgres Data as a SQL View
· Displaying Postgres Data with CQL Filters
· Serving Data from Geoserver to QGIS
Module Five:Interacting with Geoserver from the Client with Openlayers 3
· Open Street Maps
· Adding Static Layers from Geoserver
· Using Openlayers to Request Specific Data from Geoserver
· Increasing Flexibility by Using Openlayers to Request Ad-hoc data from Geoserver
· Mouse Interaction in Openlayers to Trigger Geoserver Responses
· Adding Vector Data from Geoserver to Your Open Layers Application
· Mouse Interaction in Openlayers with Vector Objects

COURSE Training Center: Datastat Training Center, Nairobi, Kenya
Start Date: 4/15/2019
End Date: 4/26/2019
Fee: Ksh 160000, $1800

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