Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation

Course Name: Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation

Venue: Tech for Development Training Center, Nairobi, Kenya

Event Date: 9th to 13th December 2019

Course Fee: KES 50,000 OR USD 666

Registration: Register online

Tech For Development-T4D would like to invite you to a high impact Training Course in Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 9th to 13th December 2019.

Why T4D?

We are an international training, capacity building and tech solutions organization that offers tech solutions, scheduled and tailor made training and capacity building solutions to individuals and development agencies in Africa and around the world.

We provide our training programs with a capacity-building goal, so as to ensure that, our training programs contribute to sustainable change.

This course is suitable for people working in:

Impact Evaluation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Academic Research, Market Research, Field Research, Agriculture, Health, Education, WASH, Handicapped, Human rights, Emergencies/disasters, Advocacy, Education, Environment, Small business development, Community development, Rural development, Women, Youth, Population, Rehabilitation, Culture, Capacity Building, Appropriate technology, Income, generation, Private sector, Refugees/displaced.


How do you use technology to get insight from information? Whether you work for a small nonprofit, large government agency, or private sector firm, the demand to capture and visualize quantifiable results has never been greater.

A number of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have been developed to address these needs such as social media analytics tools, mapping and data visualization software, mobile data collection systems and more. Understanding the tools and best practices available for gathering information, applying it to your project challenges, and assessing the results is necessary for project success.

This course will be delivered through interactive presentations by our industry leading M&E practitioners, software developers, and data scientists. It will also include a unique hands-on learning environment with animated videos, technology demos, practical activities and more.


This course is designed for participants who are reasonably proficient in English and have an understanding of basic ICT concepts.


5 Days

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Critically analyze both the opportunities and the pitfalls that emerge when working with technology to carry out monitoring and evaluation work

  • Connect relevant development theories to the technological strategies and tools discussed in the course

  • Manage specific software platforms and tools for monitoring and evaluation activities

  • Design dynamic and effective strategies for using tools and platforms improve monitoring and evaluation efforts

  • Develop critical self-confidence for working with technology to address monitoring and evaluation challenges

  • Design an M&E system that considers the functions of both technical tools and M&E personnel

Course Overview

  • Module I: Intro to Tech and M&E

  • Module II: Monitoring - Data Collection

  • Module III: Evaluation - Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Module IV: Integrating Technology-Enabled M&E

Course Content

Module I

Intro to Tech and M&E

Summary: By nature, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is data intensive. In today’s era of ‘big data’ international aid donors and their populations are demanding greater transparency and accountability. This has led to increased importance and emphasis on M&E and ways to make the process more efficient through technology.

  • Overview of aspects of M&E and associated types of technology

  • Big Data and how it related to M&E

  • Data Responsibility

  • Open Data

Module II

Monitoring - Data Collection

Summary: Data collection is a crucial step of M&E: in order to conduct thorough analyses, the right types of data need be collected. Technology has enabled development practitioners to reach more beneficiaries and provides greater variety of data collection and storage methods.

  • Mobile data collection

  • Remote Sensors

  • Mixed Methods Approach: collection methods for qualitative and quantitative data

  • Data Storage: Excel and beyond

Module III

Evaluation – Data Analysis and Visualization

Summary: Technology has enabled dynamic data analysis based on live data. This module will focus on ways to analyze and visualize the data collected.

  • Data Visualization

  • Mapping

  • Dashboards

Module IV

Integrating Technology-Enabled M&E

Summary: M&E and technology are usually late additions to program design, almost after thoughts. They do not always receive enough budgeting and are continually required to do more. Looking beyond just technology, integrating technology and M&E into earlier stages of design can produce more effective uses of technology-enabled M&E and more competitive proposals.

  • Human Centered Design

  • Real-time M&E

  • Impact Evaluation

  • Satellite Imaging

Action plan



This instructor led training course is delivered using a blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, web-based tutorials and group work. Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professional and trainers in these fields.

All facilitation and course materials will be offered in English. The participants should be reasonably proficient in English.


Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be issued with a certificate of participation.

Training Venue

The training is residential and will be held at the T4D Training Centre in Westlands Nairobi, Kenya. The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, lunch, and study visits.

All participants will additionally cater for their, travel expenses, visa application, insurance, and other personal expenses.


Accommodation is arranged upon request. For reservations contact the Training Officer.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile Number: +254 706909947

Training Fees

The course fee is KES 50,000.00 or USD 666.00 exclusive of VAT. The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two (2) break refreshments, lunch and study visits. Participants will cater for their travel and accommodation costs.


Payment should be transferred to Tech For Development account through bank on or before the course starting date.

Send proof of payment to [email protected]

Tailor- Made

This scheduled course can also be tailored for your organization. To find out how our tailor-made training can help your organization kindly contact our team via:

Email: [email protected]

Mobile Number: +254 706909947

Joint bids and sub-contracting

We are available for joint bids and sub-contracting for assignments such as market studies & surveys, baseline studies, mid-term evaluations, end-term evaluations and any other scientific studies.

We will bring in our expertise to set up a mobile data collection platform, oversee, administer and manage the data collection exercise.


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