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1. Epidemiology and Bio-statistics with Stata.

This course is intended for medical researchers who would like to enhance their skills on epidemiological data analysis being familiarized with Stata. The participants will have their hands-on laptop with Stata running throughout the learning sessions. Each learning session will give equal weight to tutorials and practical exercises.


10 days


The course is intended for researchers, physicians, clinicians, public health professionals, epidemiologists and biostatisticians, from public and private institutions who need to apply meta-analysis.


The key objective is that by the end this course the students will know how to run their own epidemiological analysis effectively using Stata for a variety of outcomes by using 2x2 tables and/or regression models, decided on the most appropriate way to report the results supplied by Stata

Understand the bio-statistical concepts of additivity, independence, confounding, and interaction in the context of logistic models.

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2. Time Series Data Analysis and Modelling using Stata Course.

The course will show how economic and financial time series can be modeled and analyzed. The aim is to provide understanding and insight into the methods used, as well as explaining the technical details. Statistical modeling will be demonstrated using the Stata Software and participants will be given the opportunity to use Stata in class. Statistical modeling will be demonstrated using the Stata Software.


5 Days
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