Project Planning and Management Comprehensive Course.


Flexibility Options
We recognize the time difficulty professionals in active job roles can be faced with . We have designed this course with professionals’ busy schedules in mind, hence offer flexibility options.

Option 1: You can sign up for one week of your choice

Option 2: You can sign up for all two weeks at once

Notes: If you s up for two weeks, you do not have to necessarily complete all the two weeks at once. You have the flexibility to complete the first week and return later for the other week.

  1. Project Planning and Management Level 1: Sign up for one week
  2. Project Planning and Management Level 2: Sign up for one week
  3. Project Planning and Management Comprehensive: Covers all two weeks

What the course offers

This practitioner’s course introduces participants to the entire project planning and management cycle and roles of project teams - from conceiving project ideas, implementation and reporting. It is relevant for beginner, mid and high-level professionals in government, NGO and corporate sectors already active in the development-programming field looking to refresh their skills, tools, and improve their practice. The course examines the technical and socio-cultural dimensions and emerging practices in Project Management.

Refresh your skills, tools, and improve your practice in project management

Course Content:

What you will learn – the key topics

  • Introduction to Project Cycle Management
  • Problem Tree/Stakeholder Analysis
  • Theory of Change and Logical Framework Approach
  • Project risk management and Budgeting
  • Writing a Project Proposal
  • Monitoring and Evaluation processes in the project
  • Project progress reporting
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Manager
  • Managing Project Teams and dealing with stakeholders
  • Managing Difficult People and Situations
  • Effective Communication Skills in Managing Projects
  • Managers Self-motivation and motivating others
  • Conflicts Management and Team Building

Target Group:

Whether you work in project management and leadership role in a development organization, donor agency, government department or regional and international organizations such as the African Union, EAC, COMESA, SADC, those working in the political arena, institutions of higher learning and research, and media and NGO sector professionals will find this course

Fee for the Course:

Tuition Fee - $ 700

How to Register
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