Prevention of Workplace Sexual Harassment(2nd December 2019)

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Indepth Research Services would like to invite you to take part in our upcoming training on Prevention of Workplace Sexual Harassment Course (2nd – 4th December 2019) at Indepth Research Services training facilities, in Nairobi, Kenya.

This course teaches employees to recognize conduct and circumstances that can give rise to a claim of sexual harassment including those which create a hostile work environment. It also discusses the dangers of engaging in office relationships and the steps to take if one witnesses or experiences sexual harassment.

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3 days.


All members of an organization’s workforce including: Employees, Managers, Supervisors, Contract Workers, Volunteers


Learning objectives

  • Identify and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Mitigate the risk of compliance breaches
  • Encourage a better workplace culture
  • Protect the organization’s reputation
  • Ensure that employees are aware of their compliance responsibilities


  • Introduction to Sexual harassment
  • Sexual Harassment Explained
  • Identify the Types of Sexual Harassment
  • How to Spot Inappropriate Physical Conduct
  • Identify Inappropriate Communication
  • Know Possible Retributions After Reporting an Incident
  • Do your Part to Prevent Sexual Harassment
  • Dodge Visuals that are Offensive
  • Identify the Effects of Sexual Harassment
  • Understand Sexual Harassment Laws and Common Myths
  • Processes for Reporting Sexual Harassment
  • React to Sexual Harassment
  • Know your Rights
  • Steps to take after a Sexual Harassment Incident

For any inquiries, feel free to engage us at [email protected] or contact us on (+254) 715 077 817 or +250 789 621 067

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