Postgraduate Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Are you a humanitarian or development professional? Increase your skills and capacity by undertaking our Postgraduate Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management course presented to you by Humanitarian Global.
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Course Background
All organizations need to plan for the future and this process requires the development of frameworks to facilitate this process. This calls for strategic planning that puts into consideration all the essential functions of an organization. This yields strategic collaboration with and among organizations in the supply chain leading to reductions of costs, enhanced flexibility, and improved delivery of products to the intended destination in time.

This online programme by Humanitarian Global is meant to equip the learner with in-depth knowledge and skills that are required to fulfil their management role within the supply chain by developing bespoke solutions to the existing problems.

Course Outline
Module 1 – Strategic Procurement Management and Sourcing
Module 2 – Principles Of Logistics Management
Module 3 – Purchasing and Supply Law
Module 4 – Freight Clearing and Forwarding
Module 5 – Category Management
Module 6 – Contract Management
Module 7 – Managing Supply Chain Risks
Module 8 – E-Procurement And E-Supply Chain Management

12 Months

Mode of Delivery
Online / Distance Learning

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