VISION QUEST CONSULTS LTD, AS reliable, effective, and efficient partner in QUICKBOOKS CONSULTING SERVICE.


Realizing that many small-medium Organisations have or soon will outgrow the capabilities of QuickBooks, Intuit released its next generation software called QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions which allows a much larger organization to use the product.

For example, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is a better fit for a Organisations with perhaps 100 to 200 employees, $10 million in Income/expenses with network (LAN) access up to 20 simultaneous users.

VISION QUEST CONSULTS LTD can help your Organisation with QuickBooks IN SPECIAL AREAS AS BELOW.

  • Installing QUICKBOOKS ENTERPRISE SOLUTION software, setup and design of an appropriate accounting structure for your ORGANISATION.

  • Issues associated with installing and running QuickBooks in multi-user mode on a network, MOST SUITABLE ON A LOCAL AREA NETWORK (LAN)

  • Developing or modifying an existing chart of accounts that is suitable for your ORGANISATION.

  • Determining opening balances - not always an easy process, especially if you are converting from a manual accounting system.

  • Reconciling detail receivable, payable, inventory registers to the general ledger.

  • Outlining an organized conversion strategy to make the transition from your existing system to QuickBooks.

  • Setting up customer, vendor, inventory, and job costing lists and template files.

  • ​Customizing forms and reports.

  • ​Fixed asset supplementary reporting.

  • Reviewing your existing QuickBooks setup and offering suggestions for improvement.

  • Training your staff on QuickBooks.

  • Providing complete periodic review of your transactions and general ledger and making corrections where necessary.

  • ​Providing ongoing advisory assistance to your ORGANISATION on an “as needed” basis or for projects requiring special expertise in accounting, taxation, budgeting etc.

Here are some of the most frequent situations where QUICKBOOKS users need help with QuickBooks. VISION QUEST CONSULTS LTD can resolve them

  • ​ The bank statements are not regularly or accurately reconciled to QuickBooks whereby deposits, checks and other transactions are matched and cleared.

  • Just correcting an account balance with a journal entry in lieu of investigating the true cause of the discrepancy. Although this approach may correct the general ledger balance, it does correct the other reports in QuickBooks which are derived from the underlying subsidiary account details.

  • Prior year balances that have changed due to voided or other transactions and now as a result no longer reconcile to the past year tax returns.

  • Duplicate accounts, poorly structured chart of accounts, accounts setup with an incorrect “account type” resulting in erroneous financial statement reports.

  • Unorganized “items” code structure and use of sub-item categories.

  • Improper use of “class” codes or not using class codes when the accounting needs are well suited to “classes”

  • Improper use of (or not using) the “undeposited funds” account which results in a building balance that is never cleared or customer (DONOR) payments/deposits not properly grouped together into deposits - which makes reconciling the QuickBooks checking account to the bank statements exceedingly difficult.

  • Subsidiary accounts detail reports such as aged accounts receivable or payable that do not reconcile in total to their respective general ledger control accounts.

  • Improper entry of payroll tax deposits resulting in payroll liabilities report not agreeing to the general ledger.

  • Improper accrual and liability report does not agree to the general ledger.

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