GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental management, EIA and Audit Course (18th -29th June 2018)

Event: GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental management, EIA and Audit Course

Venue : Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya.

Event Date :18th -29th June 2018




The application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Environmental Management and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Audit process has gained substantial momentum over the past few years. Analyzing developments in their spatial context during the initial stages of the EIA process expedites the identification of potential aspects and impacts that may have to be assessed while the process goes on. Potential risk factors may be identified upfront and presented to the client to assess the viability of proceeding with the project. This approach reduces timeframes and usually presents the client with a cost saving.


10 days


To expose participants to data capture, input, manipulation and display by GIS

To introduce GIS and Remote Sensing in environmental management

To expose participants to applications of GIS and remote sensing in environmental management

To introduce participants to the role GIS plays in the EIA process

To develop a sound basis for understanding the operation of GIS and Remote Sensing in environmental management.

Familiarizing with different methods and techniques for SMCA for EIA

Understanding the advantages and limitations of (S)MCA

Acquiring skills in DSS and GIS-based DSS

Understanding the role played by technical experts, stakeholders and decision-makers

To demonstrate to participants, use of GIS in identifying and analyzing potential impacts

To demonstrate case studies of a selected areas using GIS software.


Geospatial technologies and techniques for environmental mapping with GIS Software

Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis using GIS Software

Case studies for SMCA in different domains.

Use of Remote sensing to identify and analyze potential impacts

GIS modeling for environmental application

Participatory GIS Approaches to Environmental Impact Assessment

GIS for decision support in environmental management (Case studies)

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