Education and Skills Development Coordinator, Juba - NPA


A key pillar of NPA’s broader livelihoods approach is to deliver effective Vocational Training that can provide young people with skills for both agricultural and non-agricultural livelihoods, and sustainable employment and self-employment opportunities. The Vocational Training program supported by NPA also provides young people with opportunities to acquire core literacy and numeracy skills, basic employability and life skills, and vocational skills. In addition NPA supports training of young people who have completed secondary school to acquire professional training as clinical officers, nurses and laboratory technicians, in order to contribute to strengthening the human resources for health in South Sudan. Given NPA’s strategic choice of strengthening the media sector in South Sudan, professional training of journalists is yet another pillar. Through support to the Media Development Institute, NPA provides practicing and entry-level journalists with opportunities to improve their journalistic skills.

The Education and Skills Development Coordinator is responsible for the strengthening and growth of the Education & Skills development sub-sector in NPA, focusing on all aspects of programming including; planning, supervision, management & technical backstopping for the four NPA managed Vocational and Professional Training Centres and Institutes i.e. Yei Health Sciences Institute (YHSI), Yei Vocational Training Centre (YVTC), Yei Agriculture Training Centre (YATC) & Media Development Institute (MDI). The Coordinator will be responsible for facilitating the following: curriculum reviews, demand driven market assessments, tracer studies; as well as liaison with stakeholders in the sector and quality control within NPA’s education & skills development sector. The Coordinator will be expected to seek out new opportunities, create/modify courses, programs and activities to meet the ever changing needs of individual learners, employment and business sectors, and the community.

The Coordinator is expected to identify opportunities and resolve concerns, provide leadership, supervision and direction to NPA Education & Skills development sector while ensuring consistency with the mission and vision for the respective training centres & Institutes.


  1. Programming & Research

a) Lead in conducting of market research and needs assessment for each institution.
b) Carry out curriculum reviews in line with the market assessments and Government of South Sudan policies.
c) Liaise with relevant government institutions and professional associations
d) Facilitate the formation of advisory boards for all institutions.
e) Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with respective partners.
f) Identify and develop alternate delivery opportunities.
g) Collaborate with Programs to maximize opportunities and eliminate duplication and overlap.
h) Initiate and manage strategy review process for each institution
i) Liaise with respective government institutions on certification and accreditation of courses offered in NPA managed institutions
j) Establish & strengthen linkage between NPA institutions and related institutions within the Country and the region at large

  1. Program Development, Implementation & Evaluation

a) Recommend courses and programs (certificate/contract training/enrollments) to meet the needs of business, industry and the community.
b) Identify supplies/books/software/equipment/facilities required.
c) Customize programs and courses for contract training needs.
d) Prepare and send training proposals to clients and negotiate terms and cost of training.
e) Develop contracts and terms of agreement for contract training/events.
f) In coordinator with the Grants Manager prepare and submit grant applications and reports as required.
g) Identify and develop training manuals, guiding documents, and respective toolkits
h) Responsible for monthly, quarterly and annual internal and donor reports

  1. Personnel Management

a) Facilitate recruitment, hiring, orientation and performance management of principals and coordinators of NPA supported training centres and institutes
b) Supervise Principals and Coordinators of NPA supported training centres and institutes.
c) Approve new courses curricula.

  1. Budgetary Responsibilities

a) Establish standard requirements per course per student/participant (cost & kit)
b) Develop budgets to meet targets/operating margins for each Institution
c) Analyze monthly financial reports and ensures that expenditure are within margin
d) Initiate and follow on invoicing for contract trainings.

  1. Marketing of NPA supported centres and institutes

a) Determine and define the various target and beneficiaries for these institutions
b) Develop marketing strategy and plans.
c) Coordinate the organization of open days and private/public sector forums for each of the training centres/institutions
d) Prepare course descriptions, write-ups and leaflets.
e) Prepare advertisements and disseminate through various media
f) Write articles highlighting what each training centre has accomplished for publications and NPA website.
g) Represent NPA on all internal and external sector committees/forums.


a) Degree in relevant the field (i.e. Education, Educational administration Skills Development, Business administration, Development studies) or equivalent.
b) At least 3 years’ experience in the management of a portfolio similar to the advertised position
c) Demonstrated 3 years’ experience in working on Public Private sector partnerships for youth empowerment.
d) Thorough understanding of Project Cycle Management
e) Demonstrated ability to develop and understand Logical Framework Analysis
f) Have an aptitude for maintaining good working relationship with professionals from different backgrounds and professions as well as working in a team environment
g) Well versed in institutional capacity building and participatory decision-making.
h) Strong interpersonal, relationship building and conflict resolution skills.
i) Creative problem solving skills.
j) Excellent oral, written, analytical and technical skills.
k) Excellent communication and report writing skills.
l) Ability to determine priorities, be self-directed and work with minimal supervision.
m) Proficient in a variety of computer applications.
n) Strong budget management skills


• Please submit a detailed CV as well as an application letter with an explanation as to why you would be the best candidate for the position and why you would like to work with NPA.
• Please ensure you include contact details for three references; one of these should be your current employer.
• Applications must be submitted by the 6th May 2016 by email to [email protected] Please indicate the position you are applying for in the email title.
• Only short-listed candidates will be contacted, by e-mail or by phone.

NPA is an equal opportunities employer. This position is open to all and South Sudanese nationals and women are strongly encouraged to apply.