Diploma in Human Resource Management Online Course 10/02 - 10/10/2020

Intex Management Institute offers Online and Distance Learning Diploma Course in Human Resource Management

Start Date: 10th February 2020
Course End Date: 10th October 2020
Registration Deadline: 9th February 2020

Course Overview
Successful corporate leaders recognize that their competitive edge in today’s market place is their people. They also acknowledge that few organizations know how to manage human resources effectively, primarily because traditional management models are inappropriate in our dynamic work environment.

As the HR Headline indicates, managing people in changing organizations is part of what is currently being done by supervisors, managers, and executives. People as human assets are the “glue” that holds all the other assets, such as financial and physical ones, together and guides their use to better achieve results. Certainly, the cashiers, supervisors, and other employees at Wal-Mart or Walgreen’s or the doctors, nurses, receptionists, technical professionals, and other employees at a hospital allow all the other assets of their organization to be used to provide customer or patient services. How effectively people at all levels contribute to organizational results is part of the challenge. Managing people as human resources is essential in organizations of all sizes and types.
This Diploma course will equip you with the necessary skill to help the learners manage the human capital effectively for the benefit of the organization.

Course Objectives:
After the completion of the course the student will be able to:

  1. Understand nature of Human Resource Management
  2. Know the differences Between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management
  3. Understand Objectives of Human Resource Management
  4. Know the Functions of Human Resource Management
  5. Understand Importance of Human Resource Management
  6. Understand Legacy of HRM
  7. Highlight the future Challenges before the Managers
  8. Understand New Role of Human Resource Management

Course Content
Module 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management
a) Introduction to Human Resource Management
b) Human Resource Planning
c) Responsibilities of a Professional Manager
d) Tasks of a professional manager
e) Structuring Human Resource Management
f) Job Analysis
g) Strategic Human Resource Management
h) Recruitment, Selection of Human Resource
i) Performance Management and Reward System Management
j) Employee Training, development and Careers
k) Succession Planning
l) Employee safety and Healthy
m) The changing social context and Emerging Issues

Module 2 : Key Human Resource Practices
a) Concept of Organizational Socialization
b) Concept of Mobility
c) Contemporary Trends in Managing Demand and Supply
d) Introduction to Human Resource Planning
e) Contemporary approaches to Job Analysis
f) Changing nature of Roles
g) Performance and Potential Appraisal
h) Career Succession and Planning
i) Orientation
j) Dislocation and Relocation of Employees
k) Selection
l) Recruitment

Module 3 : Strategic Human Resource Management, Human Resource Accounting and Collective Bargaining
a) Introduction & Development of Ideas on Human resources
b) Business and HR Strategy
c) Employment Relationship and Organizational Change
d) Personality and Leadership
e) Leading Effective Teams and working in Groups
f) Learning Organizations and Organizational Learning
g) Human Resource Accounting
h) Human Resource Audit
i) Human Resource Information Systems
j) Managing Trade Unions
k) Issues and trends in Common Bargaining agreement
l) Dealing with Trade Unions
m) Negotiating Skills

Module 4: Organizational Behavior
a) What is Organization Behavior
b) Diversity in organizations
c) Attitudes and Job satisfaction
d) Personality and Values
e) Motivation: From concepts to applications
f) Understanding work teams
g) Communication
h) Leadership
i) Organizational Change and Stress Management

Course Organizers:
Intex Management Institute was registered in 1983. We have been offering a wide range of Human Resource Management training programs both online and open workshops, building capacity to enhance effective service delivery for NGOs, CBOs, Public and Private sector.
We have trained and currently training participants from various organizations across Africa such as UNDP - Burundi, World Food Programme - Zimbabwe, SOS Children – Somalia, and specifically organization from South Sudan are State Ministry of Education, MEDAIR, Norwegian Refugee - Liberia, Zenab for Women Development, Action AID, Caritas, International Organization for Migration, International Committee of the Red Cross, UNHCR, Save the Children, Medical Corps, Peace Relief Development, World Vision, Action Against Hunger, UNICEF, Plan International, Norwegian Refugee Council, Johanniter International, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Peace Relief Development , AMREF, World Health Organization, USAID, International Committee of the Red Cross, Action Africa Help (AAH) International, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) just to mention but a few.


Course Duration: 32 weeks (8 months)

Course Fee: USD 400

Contact: Email: [email protected]

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