Climate change vulnerability and adaptation strategy Training 13th - 17th August 2018

Event Details: Climate change vulnerability and adaptation strategy Training


The significance and importance of evaluating vulnerability and adaptation strategies is that it identifies and measures the level of the short- and long-term threats (natural disasters, climate change) and the ability to cope with these threats, guides and supports decision-making, government policies, planning, international aid and investment, helps and orientates processes for deciding on priorities in strategies and initiatives to reduce vulnerability and adapt and, finally, for defining and applying measures aimed at reducing present and future vulnerability.


The training is intended for professionals working in projects related to climate change, vulnerability analysis, adaptation, mitigation, and response.


By the end of the training, participants will among other concepts gain a deep understanding of:

  • Terminologies in climate change vulnerability and adaptation
  • Concepts, frameworks, methodologies, and tools for vulnerability and adaptation assessments
  • Vulnerability and Adaptation: From theory to practice.
  • Be involved in Practical exercises relating to climate change

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