Agriculture, Innovation and Technology Course (3rd February 2020)

Agriculture, Innovation and Technology Course
(3rd February 2020)

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Improve your understanding of agricultural Innovations and Technologies by identifying and disseminating successful methods, tools and practices.

Get a practical guide to understanding current trends, implementing appropriate interventions, and evaluating the impact of those programs

Learn all this and more by attending our Agriculture, Innovation and Technology Course. This course is focused on fulfilling your most pressing challenges and needs right now.

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Other dates when the course is available:

Nairobi, Kenya 04-05-2020 to 08-05-2020 Apply Now

Nairobi, Kenya 03-08-2020 to 07-08-2020 Apply Now

Nairobi, Kenya 02-11-2020 to 06-11-2020 Apply Now

Attend the course in Rwanda:

Kigali,Rwanda 03-02-2020 to 07-02-2020 Apply Now

Kigali,Rwanda 11-05-2020 to 15-05-2020 Apply Now

Kigali,Rwanda 17-08-2020 to 21-08-2020 Apply Now

Kigali,Rwanda 30-11-2020 to 04-12-2020 Apply Now

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Do you have a large team or department you would like to upskill? Our learning advisory team will assist in tailor-making your learning pathway and monitor the progress of the team as well as provide you with regular feedback.

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What is e-BMS?

e-Beneficiary Management Solution is an IRES tool for enhancing beneficiary targeting during the time of crisis. e-BMS helps in reducing time taken to conduct survey, register beneficiary and aid in distribution of relief services within a short time…

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