08th - 12th.April.2019 - Upcoming Quick books training for Non-profit Organisations. Venue: Women Union Conference Hall

Vision Quest Consults Ltd is national company with international partners that specializes in the provision of cost-effective expertise, products (goods & services) and a wide range of consultancy services in South Sudan with the target to explore the East African Region and beyond . We focus on delivering high-impact solutions that incorporate customized purpose specific to the client’s requirements and need. The combination of thorough process, comprehensive experience and expansive creative vision enables us to provide professional services and products that are innovative, usable and reliable


To be the firm of choice for progressive organizations/businesses within our market, and the employer of choice for talented professionals seeking a rewarding career development.


Empowering individuals and organizations to achieve financial and strategical success.

We will do this through:

Instilling PEACE OF MIND and complete confidence that we will understand, monitor and cultivate your business interests.

Enabling people to WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER through practical advice that will produce the greatest return on time and resource investment.

Earning the status of TRUSTED BUSINESS PARTNER , through open communication, independent counsel, and proactive problem solving.

 Introduction to QuickBooks
 Creating a new Organization/company account in QuickBooks (Non-profit and profit making profiles)
 Introducing types of Accounts in the Charts of Accounts
 Setting up Multicurrency in QuickBooks
 Setting up Bank and Other Accounts in QuickBooks
 Preparing/ Creating a new Budgets
 Working with Existing Budgets
 Managing Suppliers in QuickBooks
 Making Payments/financial transactions/recordings (Cash or Cheque)
 Recording and Paying bills and Dues,
 Making Recordings in Register and Journal Transactions
 Petty Cash Management
 Managing your employee list/Employee center
 Adding Employees/ Employees information to QuickBooks
 Paying Employees
 Employee/Vender CASH ADVANCE/payables  Preparing Financial Statements and Reports review/understanding reports
 Producing a Report
 Working with the Report window
 Modifying a Report
 Bank Reconciliation
 Tracking Inventory and items (Fixed Assets)
 Updating Organization/company information
 Search for a transaction in QuickBooks
 Use calculator in QuickBooks
 Find or locate a transaction
 Forms(Templates) for Your Organization
 Creating Purchase Order, Invoice, Quotation/Estimate Forms in QuickBooks
 Customizing a Professional Purchase Order, Invoice, Quotation
 Backup/restoring a QuickBooks account
 Customizing Desktop display for QuickBooks

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