Value Chain Development Training 5th - 9th JUNE 2017

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A value chain can is a set of linked activities that work to add value to a product. It consists of actors and actions that improve a product while linking commodity producers to processor sand markets. In agriculture, this includes activities such as product design, production, marketing, distribution and support services up to the final consumer.
A market linkage is comprised of one or more organizations that facilitate end to end integration of the entire supply chain, it provides necessary infrastructure, supply inputs, provide capacity building and by back the finished products This training programme is therefore designed to help the farmers and all other stakeholders in agriculture to develop sustainable value chains.

By the end of the course, learners will be able to;

  • Learn basic skills in value chains.
  • Understand the need for connecting farmers to market.
  • Understand and apply the value chain implantation tools.
  • Understand the role of value chain approach in development.
  • Understand value chain development process.
  • Understand the nature of agricultural markets and products.
  • Basic definitions and concepts in value chains
  • How has value chains been used
  • Analyzing and evaluating value chains
  • Integrating the role of women and rural poor in value chains.
  • Strengths & constraints analysis
  • Risk Identification and management
  • Structure of agricultural markets
  • Types of market linkages
  • Role of middlemen
  • Supplying the market – Aligning supply to match market opportunity
  • Reaching the market - market positioning and market opportunities
  • Improving the business and policy environment
  • Agricultural value chains and development agenda
  • Drivers of commercial agriculture and the importance of value chains
  • Opportunities and threats of trade and market growth

LOCATION: Nairobi, Kenya

DATES: 5th - 9th June 2017


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