RFQ for Single Source Suppliers/Prequalification of Suppliers from November 2016 – December 2017

(Peter Kinuthia) #1

Samaritan’s Purse is searching for competent and professional firms in Juba to enter into a framework agreement for the supply of various materials and supplies.
Items Requested for Quote –** Various Categories Quotes valid for the months of November 2016 – December 2017. Each category should be quoted separately and submitted independently on company letterhead. Categories include;

# Categories
1 Cement
2 Construction Materials
3 Electricals
4 Food – Fresh Products
5 Food – Processed
6 Food – Vegetables
7 FSL Supplies
8 Generator Parts
9 Hardware Tools
10 House Supplies – Clothing & Detergents
11 House Supplies – General
12 House Supplies – Kitchen
13 Land Cruiser & New Holland Tractor Parts and Tyres
14 Lubricants
15 Medicine
16 Metals
17 Office Supplies
18 Printing & Embroidery
19 Quad & Motor Bike Parts
20 Timber
21 Tonners & Cartridges
22 WASH Supplies

More details in the attached RFQ and in a separate list of items for each category.
RFQ Prequalification of Suppliers Quotations.pdf (406.1 KB)
RFQ Single Source Suppliers-Prequalification Quotations for Tender.xlsx (602.8 KB)


Greetings Peter.

I represent a regional company based in Nairobi, Kenya although we are familiar and have done previous work for goods and logistics services for NGO’s in South Sudan. My question is, are international companies allowed to bid for the pre-qualification advertised?

Best regards


Dear Peter,
We are a company based in the UK manufacturing medical devices and supplying medical devices and pharmaceuticals in the East African region. Is the bid open to International companies?

I look forward to hearing from you.


(Peter Kinuthia) #4

Dear Patrick,

The bid is open to all companies as long as they have a presence in Juba.



Dear Peter,
We are bidding on the Medicines pat of the tender, we notice that some of the items have a blank space in the description/specification. What specifications do you require for these items? Please let me know as a matter of urgency.



I would like to thank all suppliers who sent a quotation.

The bidding closed last Friday, Oct 21 at 5pm. The Tender Committee is opening and compiling the data. For any follow up questions, kindly reserve your responses for about 2 weeks time to allow the committee time to assess.

Thank you,
Samaritan’s Purse