Climate change adaptation in a changing environment. (10th – 14th July 2017)

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Climate change adaptation in a changing environment

Climate change impacts will affect social and ecological systems in complex and broad-ranging
ways as technological, economic, social and ecological changes take place across regions, groups
and sectors. Many of these impacts, such as impacts on ecological systems, have cascading effects
on social, economic and health outcomes. In order to respond to climate change, more vigorous
actions are required to mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and to adapt to
unavoidable consequences that are increasing vulnerability around the world.
This training places local sustainability, its development challenges and local vulnerabilities in the
context of climate changes at regional and global levels in order to understand their linkages. It is
well recognized that a response strategy to climate change is an additional and new area of
sustainable community development, that in addition to many other local priorities like reducing
poverty, improving sanitation and safe access to fresh water, health issues and diminishing
ecological resiliency.

• Conduct and interpret vulnerability assessments by understanding its key components of exposure, sensitivity and capacity
• Identify impacts of future climate change and climate variability on human well-being and environment
• Identify key areas of integration, in which adaptation to climate change goes hand-in hand with other development priorities and building resilience in natural and human systems;
• Identify and develop basic elements of an implementation plan to progress with adaptation options.

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