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This is a section for NGOs to advertise their tender request for supply of goods or services. While the NGO Forum secretariat monitor the posts, users are advised that this does mean endorsement of the authenticity of th…

About the Tender Advertisments (1)
Consultancy to develop Training curriculum and Tools for the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC), Capacity Strengthening Framework (CSF) (1)
AAH-I South Sudan: CFQ For provision labour and materials for various constructions (1)
Revision for Tender for DRC Consultancy Service for Development of a Protection Management Database (1)
Drilling of two 3x6 inch and two 1x8 inch cased broeholes fitted with hand pumps in Gumuruk, Greater Pibor . (1)
Help e.V-Invitation to Tender- Branded Plastic Buckets & Jerrycans- SSD 19-18-10-2018-004 (1)
Help e.V- Invitation to Tender- Drilling 7 Boreholes -SSD 19-18-10-2018-009 (1)
Help e.V- Invitation to Tender-Construction 4 Units of 4-Stance VIP Latrines-Yirol -SSD 19-18-10-2018-011 (1)
RFQ for Supply of Agricultural inputs for Akuem (1)
Become a RedR Associate (1)
Help e.V- Invitation to Tender-Drilling 4 BHs-Magwi-SSD 15-17-09-2018-386 (1)
AAH-I South Sudan: CFQ for Labor work and Iveco Trakker 380 gearbox ZF (1)
AAH-I South Sudan: CFQ for CCTV & Alarm System in Jamjang, Ruweng State, South Sudan (1)
RFQ for Chemical Fertilizers and herbicides (1)
Victron Energy combined inverter and charger, 24 Volt, 3000 VA, 70 Amp (1)
DRC Consultancy service for Developing a Protection Management Database (1)
Request for Proposal for provision of comprehensive Insurance cover of Office Vehicles (1)
Call for EXPO Participation for 2018 (1)
DRC Consulting service for reviewing National Staff Handbook and Terms of Employment (1)
Consultancy Advert-Youth Engagement (1)
SMART Survey Consultancy Advertisement (1)
Supply of Protection Dignity Kits (1)
SPSS/S02/2018/19ER clearing and Forwarding Services (1)
UPDATED: AAH-I South Sudan: CFQ for Construction Tools and assorted Spare Parts (1)
Help e.V-Invitation ToTender- Farming Tools-SSD-19-18-09-2018- 008 (1)
UPDATED: AAH-I South Sudan: CFQ For Staff Medical Insurance (1)
AAH-I South Sudan: CFQ For Nutrition Trainer (1)